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The Expert Consultation

I've been planning events professionally for about 3 years and many times I've noticed that brides-to-be, especially those on a budget and with a creative spirit, really want to have a hands on experience and plan their own wedding, adding their own personal touches working with family and friends to make their vision come to life. However, there is a reason why people hire planners and that's because they do have expert advice to offer on popular trends in the business, how to optimize the guest experience, budget management, and most importantly, how to make your day as stress-LESS as possible. There are tricks and tips that planners have gathered throughout their years of coordinating that they are just dying to share.

Here are some questions that I tend to receive when others are planning events:

1. How much do you think _______ will cost?

2. How long should this portion of my event last?

3. I have ______ guests, where's a good venue to host my event?

4. Cake, cookies, cupcakes, or a dessert table?

5. What type of food should I serve?

6. Morning or evening event?

Here's where the wedding/party planner consultant comes in. Just recently I had a sorority sister ask me to help her plan her son's 1st birthday party in Chicago. I am currently based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She had a theme but needed help locating decor, timeline of events, activities for the guests, and menu selection. Via phone, email, and text (I love technology!) we were able to plan a remarkable bash for her handsome, little man! She just needed to pick my brain about how the day should look and feel. She didn't need me for the entire process, she had done some of the heavy lifting, but there were holes that needed to be filled by someone with more experience in the field.

Next month, I will be offering consulting services for brides-to-be and anyone planning a celebration. For a minimum purchase of an hour, you can pick my brain about your upcoming event and we can flesh out all the details! After speaking with me you will leave with a draft day-of timeline, a list of preferred vendors to choose from, a calendar of important dates and to-do list, and answers to all your pressing questions. Two weeks before your event, I will follow-up to check on your progress to see how things are coming along.

I'm excited about this new venture and know that it will be a valuable service for you. Tell me what you think!

Thanks to my sorority sister for believing in me and take a look at the cutest baby photos from her son's birthday party. He is adorable!

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