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Let's Talk Donuts!

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Everyday Occasion's first event of the year was a huge success! I am still bubbling over with joy from the great time we had a Dough Boy Donuts. Remember, it's Black History Month and I am here for all things Black and my boy, Melvin Robinson, Black owner of Dough Boy Donuts went viral! While our event took place, the doors were revolving. He had so many customers that, at closing time, they had to lock the doors to ensure no more patrons came in. I raise a fist up proudly for this awesome establishment! I can't wait to see what's in store for them.

Go, Dough Boy!

Ok, now back to the event. We had 5 brides-to-be and their tribes join us for an afternoon of sweet treats and coffee. Dough Boy created 2 wedding themed donuts with fancy glitter for the event BUT, the real MVP's were his mini gourmet donuts. They gobbled them up in no time flat!

Our beautiful brides-to-be!

We played Bridal Bingo and the guests got to know one another. This lovely, future mother-in-law won a free donut and beverage to Dough Boy.

Winner of Bridal Bingo!

The brides-to-be also got to meet some phenomenal vendors that talked about their services and offered raffle prizes for our guests.

1. Michelle Elizabeth with Michelle Elizabeth Photography is my photographer and dear friend. She shot the event and gave a free engagement/bridal shoot to one guest.

This bride-to-be won the photography package and brought the cutest guest to the party!

2. Josh McGowen with Lituation Photo Booths set up a photo booth fully equipped with donut glasses and boas for our guests to enjoy. He offered a free hour of photo booth rental with the purchase of a booth package.

Winner of 1 free hour with Lituation Photo Booths!

3. Rebecca Champlin, manager at Fort Worth Blow Dry Co., enjoyed donuts with us and offered gift cards to the salon for a wash and blow dry along with sample shampoo and conditioner to 2 guests.

Winners of a free wash and blow dry at Fort Worth Blow Dry Co.

4. Adrianne Gilbreath with Everyday Occasion Event Planning offered a discounted partial wedding planning package to one guest.

Winner of the partial wedding planning package!

We heard tunes by Walter Bland, a world-renowned pianist. He created the perfect ambiance for the event. It was beautiful.

I am so grateful for those that came out to support and vendors who have become friends that drove from far and near to pull this off. It was a pleasure working with all of them and I'm sure our guests had a blast.

Take a look at the pics below by Michelle Elizabeth Photography, Lituation Photo Booths, and my Iphone XS....LOL

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