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It's your wedding day and you want to capture all the special moments. Everyone knows that you have to hire a photographer and we spend thousands on making sure we have Instagram worthy shots, but, for me, I couldn't afford the photos AND a videographer. I wanted to relive those moments and watch my wedding video every anniversary, but it just wasn't in the budget. I became resourceful and I had all my friends and family that took cell phone footage of our big day to send me their videos and my brother, who's a little bit of a techie, put a short video together for me. I was thrilled!!! I actually look at the video at random times, just because it was such a happy day and the video captures that joy!

So, say hello to WedIt! Everyday Occasion has partnered with WedIt, which basically took my resourceful idea and made it into a booming business for the budget bride! WedIt will send you 5 HD, IPod cameras the Wednesday before your wedding day. You and your friends can capture all the footage that maybe your videographer can't get: the bachelor/bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, mimosas with your bridal party before you all get dressed, or the groom and groomsmen having a beer before he says goodbye to the single life. You send your cameras back and your footage is stored online for download. Then, you can share with friends and family. WedIt offers editing packages that you can purchase as well. They can create a short highlight reel put to music of your choice or they can make a longer 30-60 minute video to showcases the details of your day.

WedIt is an awesome way to capture those moments that you miss on your wedding day or a great way to remember those days leading up to your wedding. It's super affordable and even for someone who did hire the videographer, these moments that your guests catch for you are so special. You actually get the see the day from their eyes. It's a beautiful experience! If you are interested in learning more about WedIt. Click the link here (This is an affiliate link). Use my discount code EVERYDAYOCCASION for $100.00 off, and I promise you won't be disappointed!

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