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Morning Weddings

Recently I've starting working at a wedding venue in the DFW area as a part-time event coordinator. My favorite weddings are the early morning ones. 1. I love them because I have an infant and I no longer know what it means to sleep in and 2. Who doesn't love brunch at a wedding?!?!? Quite frankly, besides witnessing two people pledge their lives to each other in front of God and their closest friends and family, the next memorable part is WHAT'S FOR DINNER?  But in this case, WHAT'S FOR BRUNCH?  

Let's talk morning wedding pros:

1. It's an early start but your day is done around early evening so you and your honey have ample time to spend together after the nuptials are over

2. Many places give HUGE discounts for morning engagements

3. Couples can also save on alcoholic beverages as top-shelf liquor probably isn't necessary at 11:00 am in the morning.

4. Daytime photos have that beautiful natural light, called the sun 

5. Breakfast food and mimosas (need I say more!)

The Cons:

1. You are probably going to have to be up extremely early

2. Your guests may not love having to be up that early either

3. This may require out of town guests to make travel arrangements a day earlier than what they expected.

So if you're looking to save a few bucks and delight your guests with lovely breakfast fare, I'd say let us plan your dream brunch wedding!

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