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We all walked into 2019 with a new mantra of some sort, head held high, chest puffed out, ready to make this new year one to remember.  Well, it's February and I'm still confused  and a bit overwhelmed about what's in store for me and my family as we step into 2019.  I am a wife, mom, part-time school counselor, part-time event coordinator, and business owner who is scared to death about how to make all this all work.

So, for my business, Everyday Occasion Event Planning, I am on a journey to find my niche in the field.  I want Everyday Occasion to exude who I am and right now my top 2 priorities are being a wife and mom so I love working with brides and mothers.  It seems that I've been led to these two groups because I am in love with the idea of love and marriage.  It's one of the most beautiful institutions and being a mom has forever changed me.  My desire to give her the opportunities to experience life so abundantly is like a fire shut up in my bones! My husband and I are determined to be amazing to each other so we can be amazing for her.  

Now, back to the business of brides and moms.  So how do these two work together?  Well, my logic is that I will help my brides plan or coordinate the wedding of their dreams, then they'll start a family and we'll plan the baby shower of a lifetime, and then a 1st birthday party and by then, I'm now family! This is the vibe that I want my business to radiate.  I love building connections and creating a family with my clients is so important to me. During slow seasons and as I build, I want to create a portion of my business that hosts dope events for brides and moms, creating spaces for brides to connect with other brides and vendors and moms to connect with each other and share their stories. This will give me the opportunity to network with future clients and market my services.

Actually, after writing this all down.  I think I got it!  My fear is in the execution and I can't walk into 2019 with any fear.  It has to be the year of "Nah, BIGGER!"  My mantra is "No Goal Left Behind" stolen from my homegirl, Rachel at Rosemint Media.  This is the year I am dreaming bigger than I ever have before because I deserve it, my family deserves it!  It's time to take what's rightfully mine!  I pray this year is one of "Nah, Bigger!" for you too.  Leave all your fears in 2018.  It's time to soar!

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