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New Beginnings

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

So today marks a new beginning for me. I've decided to rebrand and rename by business.  I started professionally event planning in 2016 and have planned several weddings, parties, and celebrations for friends and family, who have been remarkable supporters, however; I wanted my new business to be a household name someday, so I hired a brand specialist to help me figure out who my audience is and how to market to them. We are still working out some kinks but we've narrowed some things down and we'd like to share.


So how'd we come up with this?  Well, milestone events are always celebrated but every, single, day we have something to celebrate and it's worth planning a festivity for.  Make everyday an occasion!  The new job you just got, your kid's 1/2 birthday, you just signed up for classes that you thought you never could...LET'S CELEBRATE!  At Everyday Occasion, LLC we we want to provide the elegance of a wedding to any event you'd like to host or plan.

Who's my audience: Culturally diverse families and businesses

I'm currently in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and it appears that many of the well-known event planning services have few people of color as clients.  While searching the competition, it seemed that there was no one who focused on culturally relevant celebrations, and we all know...we love to party!  So, here we are.  Everyday Occasion, LLC is here to do it for the culture :)  We want to be your go-to planning company for your backyard barbecue, trunk party, and wedding.  We want to be a part of your family and families celebrate together.

Check out our new logo and website. You'll see more blog posts in the future, and a growing social media presence.  We want Everyday Occasion, LLC to be your number one choice for all event planning and hosting services.  Please leave a note below and tell us what you'd like to see more of? We'd love to hear from you. 

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