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Meet the Perrys...

Jonathan and Lakecia tied the knot in Fabulous Las Vegas on Sunday, May 6, 2018. It was a beautiful outdoor, garden ceremony with a lit reception to follow. Everything was coordinated to perfection because they hired me!

I always tell brides, that if you have the desire to plan your own wedding and personalize it the way you'd like...GO FOR IT! However, on your wedding day you can't be the coordinator and the bride! It just can't happen. Hiring a day-of coordinator will ease your worries about if the groomsmen are all lined up, if the florist came with the centerpieces, or if all the guests are seated in the right seat. I promise you, this service is gold.

So, here's how the process goes. Lakecia and I started conversing about a month before the wedding. She gave me all of her vendors names and contact information along with the bridal party info so that I could be in charge of details from that point on. She gave me a run-down of how she wanted her big day to be and I took it from there. I made contact with all vendors and bridal party to introduce myself along with providing them with my info for any questions or concerns. I communicated with vendors on arrival time and timeline of events. A week before the wedding day, a timeline was sent to all vendors and wedding party to ensure everyone knew what time to arrive and where, along with how the day would flow. This is my most valuable service. Working through the timeline manages to find the kinks in the day and gives us time to iron them out. It allows for me to anticipate any challenges for the day so I can try to pre-plan as much as I can.

On the wedding day, Lakecia and Jonathan just had to show up. I worked with getting the bridal party situated for the ceremony and then made sure that all aspects of the reception were done on time and in order.

Your wedding day will seem like a whirlwind and the day does move fast. If a day-of coordinator is not in your budget, appoint your OCD, super Type A friend or family member to take care of the details. It will be worth your peace of mind.

Now enjoy some beautiful photos from the Perry engagement shoot and wedding day courtesy of Ollie Photography in Chicago, IL.

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